Public housing applications

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State and Federal Public Housing

The Salem Housing Authority owns and manages 715 units of state and federally funded elderly, family, and handicapped public housing. These units are located at 22 sites throughout the City; see OUR PROPERTIES for a complete list.


The SHA also works closely with AgeSpan to provide housing options for seniors. AgeSpan is a team of specialists making life easier for elders, persons with disabilities, and those who care for them by offering information, support and solutions. More info is available at

  • SUPPORTIVE LIVING allows elders to age in place. The program lets residents access personal care and other supportive services 24-7. Located at 27 Charter Street, it offers residents one-bedroom apartments and a community room for activities and meals. A Resident Services Coordinator from AgeSpan is available each weekday to oversee programs, services and activities.
  • CONGREGATE HOUSING is a unique blend of private and shared living space for older people. This living arrangement provides residents with the opportunity for companionship while preserving personal privacy. The J. Michael Ruane Residence, located at 3 Broad Street, has units equipped with a half-bath and kitchenette, along with common areas such as living room, den, dining room, and more.

Applications and Eligibility

Currently there are waiting lists for all housing programs. Application links are below. Once applications are received, they are logged according to date and time received and granted priorities and/or preferences if eligible. Eligibility requirements are subject to change. You may also CONTACT US for eligibility information and applications.

Maximum Household Annual Income Limits


Massachusetts State Regulations for Public Housing

Click here for information about the document requirements for claiming a priority on your state housing application.

State and federal housing programs

Household Size State Public Federal Public & Section 8
1 $ 70,750 $ 44,800
2 $ 80,850 $ 51,200
3 $ 90,950 $ 57,600
4 $ 101,050 $ 63,950
5 $ 109,150 $ 69,100
6 $ 117,250 $ 74,200
7 $ 125,350 $ 79,300
8 $ 133,400 $ 79,300

New Flat Rent Amounts

1 Bedroom $ 1,758
2 Bedrooms $ 2,108
3 Bedrooms $ 2,566
4 Bedrooms $ 2,832